The CELESTE lift chair is an electric lift chair ultra-soft comfortable, multi-position and allows medical care access, easy transfer and cleaning thanks to its removable armrest.


  • The CELESTE can be used at home and also nursing & aged care facilities, due to its coating with the fire regulations and easy cleaning.
  • It’s fitted with a zipped quilt set, easy to replace and washable at 30° (low-cost repairing of your armchair).
  • This electric lift chair is fitted with removable and/or retractable armrest for easy transfer (evolving chair in case of new pathology for the patient).
  • The CELESTE chair with its aesthetic design, and adaptability with 2 seat depths and 2 seat widths, is handmade in France.
  • The swing away arm is great for clients that wish to side transfer, and also ensure that the client is sitting correctly in the chair to ensure the best pressure care control. The accessories include a raiser kit which enables the use of a patient lifter.